Play Agent Jane Blonde No Deposit Pokies

Agent Jane Blonde No Deposit Pokies is a unique and fun pokies game in which you can enjoy many bonuses, benefits and great rewards! As you play, you can expect to enjoy up to 15 free spins in which all credits won are 3X multiplied, and to find a Wild symbols which also triggers 2X multipliers!

An Expert mode & expert gaming features, the ability to Bet Max in a single click of a button, and an overall thrilling gambling experience, are all guaranteed in this extraordinary game!

So don't wait any longer! Start playing now and enjoy every minute!

Play for Free.. Enjoy for Free!

Are you a great fan of playing no deposit pokies casino games? If so, Agent Jane Blonde is definitely the right game for you! Up to 15 free spins can be yours easily, and there's no reason you miss this special benefit!

Scatter is your special symbol in here, and it is easy to recognize since it is titled “Agent Jane Blonde”. 3, 4 or 5 such symbols which land on adjacent reels is all that you need in order to trigger 15 free spins right away.

While this mode is activated, players are required to deposit nothing, and all credits won are added as real money credits to the payline.

Free Spins' Additional Benefits

As you enjoy one of the most unique modes of this game, you probably want to keep in mind the following benefits that may be yours:

First, all credits won during the free spins are 3X multiplied! Second, the free spins can be retriggered! No matter which of these bonuses is granted to you while you play, you can be sure your game will be improved immediately!

Scatters Pay More

3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbol which land on adjacent reels do not only trigger a fun gaming mode. They also create a winning combination which can benefit you with nice payouts.

As a matter of fact, these payouts are granted even when 2 Scatter symbols land on adjacent reels. This is what you can expect to receive:

Two Scatters pay 2 credits, while three Scatters pay 5. Four Scatters pay 20 credits, and lastly, if you won five Scatter symbols on all five reels, expect to enjoy 500 credits right away!

Your Game Can Get Much Better Today!

Not only can you play a fun and unique casino no deposit pokies game, but you can also increase your chances of winning multiple credits in no time at all!

A Wild symbol (the one with Jane's drawing on it), can replace all other symbols on your reels excluding the Scatter. Serving as a joker in your game, the Wild can help create three of a kind out of two of kind, and upgrade the “three” and “four” to “four” and “five”.

As you may have noticed in the past, the more symbols of the same kind in your combination, the better your payouts get. In addition to that, all credits won with Wild are 2X multiplied, so your grants get even better!

Wilds Pay Much More

Just like the Scatter, which is much more than a bonus symbol, the Wild can also create nice winning combinations, which will make your game more thrilling than ever in no time at all!

Here are the payouts you can expect to receive as the Wilds land on your reels:

Two Wild symbols produce a payout of 10 credits, while three Wilds will help you win 200 credits right away! If you won four Wild symbols, be ready to enjoy nothing less than 2,000 credits! And lastly, in case five Wilds appeared on your reels, be sure you can enjoy a staggering payout of 10,000 credits!

As you can understand, there is a pretty good reason Agent Jane Blonde is considered one of the bets pokies no deposit games games!

The More You Play, the Better You Get!

In addition to the bonuses and benefits that are randomly granted to you, there are some gaming features you can use, which will help you play the game exactly the way you like it!

Eventually, the more you will play and use these features, the better you will get, and the more exciting your game will be, since you play under your own terms!

Are you ready to discover what you can do?

Bet Lines

From now on, it's up to you to assume where the next winning symbols are going to land!

As you click the Select Lines button, you mark the lines you want, and play for the chance to see the right symbols land on the right spots!

Bet as Much as you Want, Whenever You Want

There is a pretty great advantage to being able to wager the highest rates in the game. Eventually, the more you deposit, the greater your chances to win the highest payouts get, since there is a direct relationship between the deposits the and grants.

Some players are definitely eager to win as much as possible, as quickly as possible. If you want that too, a single click on bet Max will definitely get you closer to achieve this dream!

The highest coin size, the greatest number of coins, and all lines are selected, and the next spin is triggered right away. Once clicking this button, you are one step closer to winning it all!

Coin Size & Select Coins

Always had a desire to dictate the rate of your wagers? Now you can definitely do so, and with almost no effort at all! The two following features will serve you well for this purpose:

Coins Size is a feature controlled by the + and – buttons, and they appear on the lower bar of buttons. There is no limit on the number of times you can modify the size of coins you use per game.

After you set on the perfect coin size you are looking for, it is time to decide how many coins per spin you want. Click the Coins button in order to set the amount preferred. Again, there is no limit on the number of times you can use this feature.


On the one hand, as you can already understand, being able to deposit the highest rates is great in case you are interested in wining a lot of credits.

On the other hand, being able to reduce your deposits to the minimal amounts possible, is also highly beneficial if you want to play for a pretty long while, but you are not interested in spending a lot of credits.

This is when the mentioned features can definitely come in handy. They can also be very good if you want to be anywhere on the scale in between, and a single click on Bet Max, will not serve such a purpose.

Auto Play. Feel Like an Expert, Play Like an Expert

Clicking on the expert button will change the set of button presented to you on the screen. Some of the new buttons which will appear are the Auto Play, 10X and 5X.

Clicking on 5X or 10X will trigger 5 or 10 auto spins, respectively. During these spins you are not required to do a thing in order to play. The reels will be spun on their own, and you will still have the chance to win real money credits.

If you click the Auto Play button, you can adjust the settings exactly as you wish. Type in the exact number of spins you want to be played, and choose how you want the reels to stop spinning.

One way or another, always remember that you can stop this feature at any given time by pressing the Stop button on your screen.

What are you waiting for? You can play this wonderful Agent Jane Blonde game today! Start now!

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