Avalon No Deposit Pokies

The mysteries of King Arthur become entwined with the challenges of casino gambling in the Avalon no deposit pokies, now available for real money gambling entertainment at the NZ online casino.

Avalon takes you into the unknown as you explore the secrets of Camelot, the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin the Magician and the Excalibur sword which, legend tells, was forged from stone on the island of Avalon.

You'll explore the secrets of the Arthurian legends as you spin the reels and complete combinations on the slot machine's reels. Each spin brings you closer to the cryptic messages that tell us how Britain's history was shaped by Arthur, Maiden Marion and the inscrutable enigmas of Avalon.


Avalon is one of the no deposit pokies games which can be played for free in the casino's Free Mode or for real money rewards in the Real Mode.

The pokies' theme revolves around the story of King Arthur, a medieval warrior who was loved for his fearlessness in leading his soldiers against the Gauls. Arthur met his enemy on the battlefields of Britain but as he prepared to cross the English Channel in pursuit of the Celtic tribespeople he entrusted Mordred as his second-in-command.

Arthur was victorious in France but when he returned to the British Isles Mordred refused to return the kingship to him and the armies of the two leaders met at Camlann to duel. Arthur succeeded in killing Mordred but in the process he was badly wounded. His knights – Lancelot, Gawain, Bors the Younger, Kay, Lamorak, Percival and Geraint – brought Arthur, together with Maiden Marion and Merlin the Magician, to the island of Avalon - a mystical place where they hoped that he would recover and reclaim his place as the rightful ruler of Britain.

Arthur's stay on Avalon was a turning point in his life. He encountered personalities who would play a big part in shaping his future including Merlin the Magician and the transcendent Lady of the Lake. Today, no one is exactly certain where Avalon is located but its importance in British history has made it into a mythical place in which future successes are entwined with present challenges.

Spin the Reels

There are 20 paylines in the Avalon pokies. Maximum bet per payline is 200 coins but you can bet anywhere from one coin up to 200 coins on each line. You don't have to enable every one of the paylines with a bet but only those lines which you've activated by placing a wager will pay out on a winning combination.

To form a win your spin must result in three matching symbols, side-by-side, on an enable payline. Avalon pokies symbols include Arthur's riches of gold pendants, treasure chests, gold coins, gold goblets, the king's royal seal and Arthur's royal crown. Your symbols must appear in a left-to-right formation with the first symbol occurring on the first reel. Symbol combinations that start from the second, third, fourth or fifth slot reel don't count as a win and don't result in a payout.

Wild Symbols

If you achieve two matching symbols plus the Avalon logo, the logo turns wild and substitutes for any other symbol to act as the third matching symbol and complete your win. Three Avalon logos form their own winning combination.


The Lady of the Lake flits across the screen, acting as the scatter. Three or more scatter symbols, appearing in any position on the reels (in any pattern and on enabled or unenabled paylines) activate the Free Spins game.

Free Spins

When the Free Spins bonus game launches you are awarded 12 free spins. All of these spins are real money spins and you collect the payouts that result from any wins that are formed from a Free Spin. Every free spin winning payout is multiplied by 7x.

The Avalon Logo continues to act as a Wild symbol during the casino no deposit free spins round. This is joined by a Chest symbol so the Avalon free spins game actually has 2 Wilds which result in a higher number of completed free spins paylines. If the Chest symbol and the Avalon Logo appear together on a payline the payout is the highest win value.

Your free spins re-activate during the bonus game whenever 3 scatters emerge on a free spin. Your new free spins are added to your free spins from the previous round. The spin that activated the free spins round determines the bets and paylines.

Gamble Feature

The Gamble feature is activated by any regular game win. You can choose to play the Gamble Feature or ignore it and continue with your regular game. There are five possible Gamble features per game and you can Gamble once, twice or more – any amount up to five times per game.

In the Gamble Game you have the chance to double or quadruple your wins. To double your wins you must correctly guess the color of a hidden card – red or black. To quadruple your wins you must correctly guess the suit of a hidden card – clubs, spades, diamonds or hearts. Once you make your guess the card is revealed and you either collect your payout for a win or lose your winning on a loss.

In either situation you return to the regular game and continue spinning and winning.

Casino Promotions

The NZ online casino offers a wide range of promotional bonuses which makes playing no deposit pokies games even more rewarding than ever. You can add your promo points, cash and credits to your no deposit casino games and achieve bigger payouts. There's a Welcome Bonus for new players in which the casino adds match bonus credits to the gamer's deposits during his first week of casino activity.

All players – beginning and advanced – receive Loyalty Points which are determined based on the games that they play, the level of their deposits and the number of deposits made, These Loyalty Points are redeemable for casino give-aways.

Step into a mystical world and enjoy real money gambling entertainment when you play Avalon no deposit pokies at the NZ online casino.

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