Bar Bar Black Sheep Pokie

Throughout history, nursery rhymes have been viewed as double entendres – chants, songs and rhymes that are open to many interpretations. None of these sets of verses has been as well-loved – and as thoroughly researched – as the old favorite Ba Ba Black Sheep. Now Microgaming brings this seemingly innocent couplet to the gaming screen in the vibrant and fun-filled Bar Bar Black Sheep 5 reel no deposit casino game.

The Bar Bar Black Sheep 5 reel online pokies includes all of the elements that gamers search for when they're looking for an online pokies that delivers plenty of fun and excitement. There are colourful, whimsical graphic images, an engaging audio track, interactive elements and different types of elements that propel the player towards bigger and better payouts with every spin.

You can play this online pokies NZ extravaganza at any time and from any location on your PC or mobile device. Once you log into your casino account you'll be able to select the game from the games lobby and play on your preferred casino platform. If you download the casino software into your computer you'll be able to open the game by clicking on the casino icon on your Desktop screen. It's also easy to play Bar Bar Black Sheep at the Instant New Zealand casino by opening the casino on your desktop or laptop screen and playing right at the casino's website.

Mobile players can open the NZ online casino on any iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry or LG smartphone or tablet and play through a WiFi or cellular connection.

All of the casino platforms are safe and secure, giving you a casino adventure of fun, excitement and real money prizes.

Nursery Rhymes

Many people recognize nursery rhymes from their childhood. The chants that were once deemed innocent and innocuous were anything but pure – they were written by English satirists in the Middle Ages to provide an outlet for social criticism. In those days, anyone who criticized a member of the royal family or the government could be put in prison – if not executed – so through seemingly inoffensive children's rhymes the critics were able to disparage and ridicule the follies of their leaders.

Over time these hidden commentaries turned into children's chants. Some of the best known nursery rhymes included Three Blind Mice which was written to commemorate the three Protestant noblemen who were burnt at the stake by Queen Mary, Ladybird Ladybird Fly Away Home which was sun go warn Catholic clergymen of impending raids on their Mass celebrations and Humpty Dumpty which noted the fall of the English town of Colchester during the 1648 Civil War.

Ba Ba Black Sheep nursery rhyme seems to be one of the oldest nursery rhymes. Historians date it to the 13th century and it is believed to record the adventures of Edward I who took the throne after the Crusaders returned to Europe. Edward decided to replenish the royal coffers by placing a tax on wool which was one of England's biggest industries.

The words of the rhyme:

Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wool?

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full

One For The Master
One For The Dame

And One For The Little Boy

Who lives Down The Lane.

Researchers believe that the three bags of wool referred to in the rhyme represented the way that the wool was distributed -- one to the Master King Edward I, one to the Dame who was the symbol of the Church and one to the little boy who lives down the lane which was the farmer.

Bar Bar Black Sheep Pokies

Today New Zealand gamers can look forward to enjoying the black sheep on their gaming screen in the Bar Bar Black Sheep online pokies. For many years slots enthusiasts played a three-reel classic Bar Bar Black Sheep version of the slots but today the casino features the more interactive and high-paying five-reel video Bar Bar Black Sheep slot machine with fifteen paylines, whimsical symbols, Wild symbols, Scatters, a free spins round, multiplers and more.

Game symbols dance across the screen of which depicts a pastoral English countryside. You'll see both black sheep and white sheep, pieces of delicious vegetables and fruit such as eggplants, oranges, watermelon, corn and apples. An image of an old-fashioned barn completes the atmosphere of a tranquil farm scene.

The Bar Bar Black Sheep logo symbol is the game Wild. The Wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol to complete paylines. For instance, if 2 oranges appear on an enabled payline and the Wild occurs on that payline as wel, the wild will substitute for the missing orange and complete the win. Three wilds on an enabled payline will also complete the line to trigger a payout.

Bonus Rounds

Combinations depicting a Black Sheep symbol plus two Bar symbols which occur on the first, second or third payline will activate the Bar Bar Black Sheep Bonus feature. In this feature the symbols that activated the bonus game morph and trigger the game multiplier. The payout will be based on the bet that you deposited on the payline on which the combination occurred multiplied by the multiplier value.

Free Spins Round

Three or more Free Spins symbols will activate the Free Spins game. The symbols don't have to appear in any specific pattern or in any pre-determined position – 3 scattered, scattered on the reels during a regular game spin, will launch the Free spins game.

When the free spins round launches the regular game will pause so you can start spinning your free spins. You will receive up to 20 free spins with the number of free spins that you receive determined by the number of Free Spins symbols (three, four or five) that appear on the regular game spin that triggers the free spins. Your payout s will be determined by the deposit that you placed on the regular game spin that launched the free spins game.

Combinations that you complete during the Free Spins round are tripled. If three or more Free Spins symbols appear on the reels during a free spin your free spins round will retrigger with the new number of Free Spins added to the free spins that remained from your original free spins round.

The Bar Bar Black Sheep 5 reel no deposit casino game combine history, entertainment and real money wins when you play at the NZ no deposit casino.

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