Dragon Dance Pokie

The Dragon Dance no deposit casino game brings the traditional Chinese symbol of luck to your gaming screen with vivid imagery, sounds of exciting Chinese celebrations and big money wins. As you spin the reels of this 243 Ways to Win game your payouts will add up thanks to special symbols, unique features and multiplied achievements.

Regardless of whether you experience Chinese culture on a regular basis or explore the luck of the East on an infrequent basis you'll enjoy this entertaining no deposit online pokies where you can realize regular game payouts, bonus wins and no deposit, real money profits.


Dragons are an important symbol in Chinese tradition. Chinese celebrations always feature pictures and three-dimensional dragon figures which are revered within all classes of Chinese society.

The mythical creatures are seen as kind and benevolent beings which can be found throughout Chinese mythology dating back thousands of years. Many people in China believe that humans are descended from dragons. They place their trust in their dragon-ancestors to bring good fortune to those who deserve such benevolence.

It's common to associate dragons with the spirit of the Chinese people. Dragons are seen as demonstrating the Chinese philosophy of moving forward through good times and bad. The presence of dragon images is especially notable during celebrations of the Chinese New Year when floats of paper mache dragons fill the streets. The Dragon Dance is the highlight of the festivities. When the Dragon Dance occurs a dragon, constructed using bamboo hoops and shimmering cloth material, is paraded through the streets as the participants celebrate the Chinese spirit and resilience.

Today dragons are frequently highlighted in online slots. Three of Microgaming's most popular New Zealand online slots games, Dragon Myth, Dragon's Fortune and Dragonz, are now being joined by the exciting Dragon Dance which can be played at the PC or mobile no deposit casino on any gaming device.

243 Ways to Win Game

Dragon Dance no deposit slots is a 243 Ways to Win game. In this game, all completed combinations deliver a payout with no requirement to enable paylines. That's because there are no paylines in this type of game – you simply line up three matching symbols on consecutive reels with the first symbol occurring on the left-most reel and you will have created your winning match.

Game symbols include a fire-breathing dragon, a boy holding sticks of dynamite in the traditional Chinese New Year celebration, a party-goer holding clashing cymbals, a smiling couple holding folded hand-fans and traditional slots letters and number symbols. There are different payouts for the various symbol combinations. The highest win is paid out when you match 5 dragon symbols – that achievement will bring you 400 coins.


The game features options for respins so you have extra chances to achieve a win, even after your original spin misses the combination. If you spin two matching symbols, you can place an additional respin deposit and freeze four of the reels in order to respin the fifth reel. Then, if your third matching symbol emerges on the respun reel, you'll collect your payout.

Wild Symbols

The game's Wild symbol is the Dragon Dance Logo. The Wild symbol can substitute for any of the other symbols to complete a winning pay way. For instance, if you spin two boys with dynamite sticks symbols plus a Dragon Dance Logo, the Logo will function as the third boy-with-dynamite symbol and will deliver the win for that symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The dynamite symbol is the game's scatter. If two scatter symbols appear in any pattern, anywhere on the reels, on a regular game spin, you will collect the scatter combination payout. You can figure out your scatter combination payout value by multiplying the game's scatter combination payout by the number of coins that you bet on the spin that resulted in the scatter win.

Scatter wins are not dependent on the order in which the symbols appear on the reels. Two scatters, from right to left or from left to right, anywhere on the reels, deliver the scatter win.

If three scatter symbols appear simultaneously on the reels they trigger the Free Spins game. When the free spins game is activated the regular game pauses and the Free Spins Game is launched.

Free Spins

When three scatter symbols occur in any position on the reels the free spins game is activated. You'll receive 15 free spins so you can spin the reels for free and take home the resulting payouts. The payouts from the free spins are determined by the coin size that was placed on the spin that activated the free spins game. All free spins wins are multiplied by three. The respins feature is active during the free spins game so you can place a respins deposit and freeze four reels for the chance to respin the fifth reel and achieve your win.

No Deposit Bonuses

Dragon Dance slots is available for free gaming entertainment at the New Zealand online casino's PC and mobile sites. Once you sign into your personal account you'll be able to select the Free Mode or the Real Mode. If you pick the Free Mode you can play the game for free as you explore the game's features in exciting free competition.

Once you're ready to play for real you can sign into the Real Mode and place your deposit to play the no deposit online pokies for cash rewards. If you're a high roller you can make large bets for the chance to win big but moderate-betting level players will also be able to place bets that fit their personal bankroll for the chance to achieve winning payouts.

In addition to the game's regular achievements, free spins prizes, respins payouts and multiplied payouts the casino adds additional bonuses so you end up enjoying more rewards than ever. If you're a new player the casino will present you with a Welcome Bonus that doubles your bets with no additional deposit obligations. The no deposit match credits are real money credits and you'll be able to take home all of the wins that result from those activities. Other bonus packages include Loyalty Points, contest prizes, VIP bonuses and more.

Play the Dragon Dance no deposit casino game at any time and from any location for a celebration of fun and excitement on your PC or mobile device.

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