Lucky Koi Mobile Casino Game

You just might be the lucky one who gets to win at the Lucky Koi No Deposit Mobile Casino Game today. When you play with the no deposit casino, you can have a blast without having to even take any deposit money out of your pocket.

And you can enjoy every minute of your mobile pokies NZ time. When you learn about this game, you’ll see just how much fun it is to get swept away to an entirely different destination that makes you feel like you’ve travelled to Japan and enjoyed it all yourself!

Getting Started

How does the Lucky Koi No Deposit Mobile Casino Game work? First of all, you should know that the theme here is all about a koi pond. The koi pond is a unique place that has beautiful, brightly colored fish. And the game is bright, vibrant and inviting.

It’s a five reel and 25 payline mobile pokies NZ game that includes so many awesome features from the wilds and scatters to the bonus games and beyond.

Playing Time

As you begin to enjoy the no deposit casino, you’ll see that the koi include all sorts of gorgeous colors and patterns. You’ll see red and white koi and many other symbols as well. There are turtles here and frogs, dragonflies and water lilies and more.

There are also silver teapots, fans and other symbols that create a feeling and understanding of this slice of Japanese culture. As you play, there are a number of symbols that you should watch. The yellow koi is wild and if you have five of them you’ll have 1000 times the bet you make.

The stone lantern is the scatter symbol and you’ll get a payout if you have three or more of these. You’ll get to a bonus choices section if you have three or more of these as well. If you get to that point, you can either go for the Free Spins Bonus or for the Koi Bonus.

Bonus Bonanza

There is so much fun to be had with the Lucky Koi No Deposit Mobile Casino Game bonus. Now, with the free spins bonus you’ll find yourself with something between ten and thirty free spins with random multipliers. These multipliers can take you as high as five times the bet that you’ve made.

In the Lucky Koi bonus section you’ll be fishing with a fishing pole and you can catch somewhere between three and six koi in the pond that you’ll see. For every koi that you manage to catch you’ll have a bonus prize or you’ll have the chance for more catches.

Escape to the fun of the world on the other side of the globe (or maybe near you depending on where you play!) and enjoy every minute. The Lucky Koi No Deposit Mobile Casino Game allows you to feel like you’re in an entirely different location and enjoying every minute of your time.

And there are so many ways to play and win here. This is your chance to dive into another world about which you might know little and to really enjoy every minute of your time. You'll be enchanted by the look of the magical koi and you'll love the many perks of the game.

Come and admire the koi pond as you get ready to have a blast today. You'll love the chance to play this way!

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