Thunderstruck Pokie Review

Thunderstruck no deposit pokies brings ancient mythology into the 21st century as the mighty Norse god Thor interacts with his squabbling underlings in their mountain hideaway. Thunderstruck offers all of the elements of a top pokies – interactive features, an engaging storyline and big payouts on all of your wins.

Thunderstruck is one of the most popular online pokies NZ. The game launched at the Download Casino but quickly moved to the Flash Casino and the Mobile Casino platforms. Now you can play Thunderstruck real money online pokies at any time and from any location on your smartphone or tablet mobile device or on your laptop or desktop PC.

The convenience of the multi-platform format makes it a great game to play when you're relaxing during a work break or on your back porch swing or while you're on the go – riding the train to work or standing in line at the supermarket. Just open the game and play for free in the Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode.

Aotearoa Mythology

New Zealand is no stranger to mythology and folklore. According to Maori legend the Maori peoples migrated from the Polynesian islands to Aotearoa hundreds of years ago. They brought with them a rich culture and religion that was transmitted through song and poetry over the years.

Maori beliefs include the understanding that heaven and earth always existed and created animals and people. Maori traditions varied from one group to the next but their acceptance of their gods was relatively universal among all of the groups – Ranginui was the Sky Father, Papatuanuku was the Earth Mother and they ruled over the other gods who included Tangaroa god of the sea, Tane-mahuta got of the birds and forest, Tumatauenga god of fishing and hunting and Tawhirimatea god of the sky.

Norse Mythology

Norse mythology also focuses on the antics and human-like qualities of the Norse gods. Chief among them was the powerful, hammer-wielding Thor who guided the lives of the mortals over whom he ruled. Humans prayed to Thor to protect them and heal them from sickness and injuries. Thor was even the god to whom humans turned to in their requests for fertility.

Even though Thor ruled wisely, he and the other Norse gods weren't above experiencing the same kinds of emotions as his human subjects. These gods, including Oden god of war and death, trickster-god Loki and goddess Valkarie who decided who would live or die in battle , often bickered In their sky world of Asgard as mortals lived with giants, elves and dwarfs in Middle Earth – Midgard. These two worlds were liked by a rainbow bridge.

As you play the Thunderstruck pokies you'll navigate between the jealousies and rivalries of the Norse gods to create winning combinations and collect payouts.

Play Thunderstruck

The Thunderstruck slots displays with vibrant colours and vivid imagery which bring the world of Norse folklore to life.

As you spin the reels you'll see images of mighty Thor himself who leads his unruly co-gods into the world of pokies entertainment. Additional symbols include Thor's hammer, the castle on Asgard where the quarreling gods live in uneasy cohabitation, a lightning bolt, bleating rams, a ram's horn and an image of Thor's powerful fist.

There are nine paylines on the Thunderstruck pokies and the maximum bet is 45 coins per payline. You don't have to place a deposit on every payline but it's worthwhile, even if you just put one coin on each payline, because only those combinations that appear on a payline that is active will pay on a way.

Wilds and Scatters

Thor is the regular game's Wild who substitutes for other symbols to complete paylines and multiply wins. So, for instance, if your spin results in two fist symbols plus a Thor, the Thor substitutes for the third fist and completes the combination which is then paid out with a 2x multiplier.

The Ram is the Scatter. Scatter combination payouts are indicated when 2 Rams occur on a payline – enabled or unenabled – in any position. Three Rams symbols, in any position and on any paylines, trigger the Free Spins game.

Free Spins

The Thunderstruck casino no deposit free spins round awards you 15 free spins. That means that you can spin the reels and collect payouts on the resulting completed combinations with no additional deposits. All wins that are achieved during the Free Spins are multiplied 3x, as indicated by the deposit that you placed on the spin that activated the Free Spins round.

Three scatter symbols, appearing in any position on the reels on a free spin, reactivates the Free Spins. This means that you will receive 15 new free spins which are added onto the remaining free spins from your previous round.

Thunderstruck Gamble

Anything that you do with the gods is a gamble and your Thunderstruck pokies is no exception. The pokies features a Gamble Game which activates whenever you achieve a win during the base game. You have five possible gamble rounds. You can gamble once, twice or any amount of gambles up until five…..or you can forgo the gambles altogether and stick with the regular game.

The Gamble Game gives you the chance to gamble and double or quadruple your existing wins. When you achieve a win during the regular game you'll be presented with a Gamble button. If you press "Gamble" you're given your choice of gambling on the colour of a hidden card (to double your wins) or gambling on the suit of a hidden card (to quadruple your wins).

Guess the correct colour – red or black – and walk away with your payouts x2. Guess the correct suit – diamonds, hearts, clubs or spades – and walk away with your payouts x4.

Life with the gods was never as exciting as it is when you play the Thunderstruck no deposit pokies.

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