Could Crypto Mining be Used at Casinos to Unlock Extra Features?

Hillary Turner | 10 January 2019

Can mining Bitcoin and casinos join forces?A calendar app in Apple’s Mac Store recently came under scrutiny when it became known that the app has the habit of mining cryptocurrency in the background for the duration of the time that it is being actively utilised by the user. In return, the app granted additional features to the user. Shortly after, Ars Technica informed Apple’s App Store that the application, known as Calendar 2, was mining cryptocurrency. Apple quickly removed the app, but not before a number of users had downloaded it, and were actively mining in the background.

Interestingly, the app did disclose the fact that it was mining cryptocurrency and that the mining was being used as a form of payment method. Users were given the option of either living with the fact that the app was mining cryptocurrency in the background in return for all premium features being unlocked from the word GO, or, alternatively, pay for the premium features instead. The option of using the App without any additional features was also extended to the user.

But what is cryptocurrency mining and what are its uses? Would it be useful in the online casino industry? We answer these questions and more.

Cryptocurrency Mining Explained

In order to understand why cryptocurrency mining may not be the villain that some whistle-blowers are making it out to be, you have to first understand the positives and the pitfalls. Cryptocurrency mining is a common method of validating virtual currency transactions over a blockchain network. Blockchain constantly works towards storing cryptocurrency data in a decentralized manner, so as to prevent someone from taking the entire operation hostage.

Another function is to ensure that one cryptocurrency unit isn’t spent twice, thus ensuring the core value of the virtual coin. Cryptocurrency mining then, is a function Bitcoin changing gaming online?that was installed by the creators of the first initial virtual currency concept; so as to ensure that cryptocurrency transactions cannot be compromised going forward into the future.

The downside of allowing any app to mine cryptocurrency in the background is that it basically involves the solving of complicated mathematical equations, and as such, is exceptionally taxing on the battery of the device as well as the hardware in general, in extreme cases to such an extent that it can physically damage the CPU of the smart device.

However, that having been said, in a more controlled environment, this would not pose such a large risk and can actually be very beneficial to the user.

Exploring Possibilities

One example of where the mining of cryptocurrency could very well be very beneficial to users is the online casino industry. Imagine a scenario where players are able to grant permission for crypto to be mined in the background whilst playing games like slots, Blackjack or Roulette. As soon as enough cryptocurrency has been mined, this would then unlock a game’s special features.

Mining cryptocurrency does not actually cost anything, not in terms of monetary value in anyway. The controversy all revolves around the fact that the act of mining taps heavily into electronic resources, often draining the device that is being used, for example the computer or the smartphone.

However, if better regulatory features can be installed in order to off-set the damage in better relation to the positive outcomes, mining cryptocurrency in return for certain rewards will definitely open up a world of possibilities in terms of incorporating even more special features into online casino games.

Many online casinos already accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as an acceptable means of tender. Allowing players the opportunity to mine virtual currencies in return for in-game rewards may be the answer to creating an even more crypto-friendly online casino experience.