Marina Bay Casino Drops $10M Lawsuit

Hillary Turner | 18 June 2019

lawsuit droppedThe well-known Marina Bay Sands Casino Resort & Hotel is one of only two casino resorts in Singapore. The casino recently confirmed having abandoned a $10 million lawsuit that it had previously instituted against a high-rolling Australian national following unpaid debt racked up by the player roughly 5 years ago. According to local news publications, the resort has officially filed a notice of discontinuance with Singapore’s High Court, thereby officially laying the dispute to rest.

The dispute has, according to Marina Bay Sands, been resolved in an amicable manner. The exact details of the settlement have not been made known. The casino did reveal that the Australian high roller, Wang Zhi Cai, is welcome to return to the venue, being one of Marina Bay Sands’ valued patrons.

A Debt Unpaid

The gambler had allegedly racked up the debt during visits to the casino in 2013 and 2014. Marina Bay has been trying to recover the unpaid debt ever since. After Cai failed to appear in court in 2017, a default judgement was granted in favour of the casino resort for recovery of the money.

Cai, by way of explaining why he had failed to appear in court in 2017, said that he had not been aware that legal proceedings had been instituted against him by Marina Bay. He furthermore declared that he had not made any motion to pay because of his having been introduced to the venue by a “junket” operator who had acted as a type of broker between the player and the casino. The broker, said Cai, was responsible to settle losses and claim winnings.

Continued Casino Expansion Plans

In other news related to the casino, earlier this year the government of Singapore extended the period during which only two operators are permitted to offer land-based gambling entertainment in the country, until 2030. Marina Bay has, following the extended permission, invested a further S$4.5 billion in a self-expansion project.

A portion of the money has been handed over to a prominent architectural firm who will oversee the design and construction of a brand new hotel tower. The resort already consists of 3 existing towers that is held together by a boat-like structure at the top. The new tower, said Marina Bay, will be erected in the nearby vicinity of the existing structure. The new tower will become home to 1,000 luxury hotel suites as well as a rooftop swimming pool and eatery