William Hill Announces Amicable FanDuel Truce

Hillary Turner | 17 January 2019

William Hill and FanDuelIt would appear as if the copyright spat between sports betting and casino games giant William Hill and daily fantasy sports group FanDuel has finally been put to bed thanks to a settlement outside of court.

William Hill this week made the announcement and confirmed that the lawsuit had been withdrawn from the New Jersey District Court following the dispute having been resolved and accounted for. The details of what the settlement entailed isn’t public knowledge, but the UK’s largest sportsbetting operator did go as far as to reveal that no major financial compensation had been sought.

Whatever was paid in damages, the amount having not been made known, would be put to charitable use, according to a company spokesperson. The money will be used to fund creative writing workshops at New Jersey’s universities, as well as a number of scholarships. Another portion of the proceeds will be utilised to support people suffering from an addiction to gambling; a cause, William Hill has said, that is very important to the company.

Gross Negligence On FanDuel’s Part

The dispute arose after it became apparent that FanDuel had made use of William Hill’s online content in a very brazen way, right down to what appears to have been a straightforward copy and paste scenario. Whoever had been responsible for publishing the information on FanDuel’s website had not even bothered to remove the reference to William Hill from the copied content.

Operational Hiccups

Paddy Power Betfair recently acquired the Fantasy Sports brand in an attempt to enlarge its US sports betting footprint. For the most part, the acquisition has been a profitable affair, with revenue gained from the company’s New Jersey sports betting division having surpassed the $9 million mark.

In the greater scheme of things, copyright infringement seems to not be too high up on the list of things to be concerned about following the acquisition. Paddy Power Betfair, for its part, hasn’t revealed any additional information about the lawsuit or the settlement, but it’s safe to assume that it’s being viewed as a minor operational kink to be ironed out in due course.