Isle of Man Introduces New Gambling License

Hillary Turner | 15 February 2019

Isle of Man Introduces New Gambling License As part of its commitment to the fast-paced, ever evolving gambling industry, the Isle of Man GSC (Gambling Supervision Committee) has introduced a new business-2-bussiness software supplier license.

Although the license is not mandatory, it does carry with it several benefits that will result in streamlined processes and money savings for those companies that have it.

Why a Software Supplier License?

The GSC has explained that the purpose of the license is to make software supply more streamlined. License holders would have their full game portfolio tested and certified by the GSC, and therefore would not have to undergo any further testing to supply their games once approved.

In addition, it could open foreign markets to the licensed operator, which have to date been difficult to penetrate. There is a certain reputation that comes with holding an Isle of Man certification. However, it the cost savings that the GSC believes will be most attractive to content suppliers, as no additional funds will need to be spent on having their games certified. Certified games will be listed on the GSC registry and no further testing will be required.

The GSC believes that this new license illustrates its commitment to the needs of this dynamic industry, and according to eGaming Isle of Man head, Tony Ure, will set the GSC apart from other territories for its high quality and innovative solutions.

Deputy GSC CEO, Mark Rutherford, has shared that the licensing of software provides faster ‘to market’ routes and quicker game deployment as business-2-consumer companies can check the register and immediately deploy any titles listed, no more having to wait for game-specific licenses. Both result in reduced costs and the faster adoption of the games.

The new license was developed in response to the demand for an experienced regulator from numerous international companies. Although the GSC has said that it does not expect all companies to jump at the opportunity, it has had a majority positive response.

A Responsible Entity

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Committee is responsible for regulating and licensing both online and land-based gambling activities. Its main focus is to protect children and at-risk persons from gambling, to maintain a crime-free industry and ensure safe and fair play and payouts from providers to players.

The commission provides anti-money laundering services, application guidance for those pursuing licensing, testing and player protection.