The History of Alexandra Park

The Auckland Trotting Club has made Alexandra Park its home for over 125 years where it services the horse racing industry as well as offering a function centre and becoming one of the main centers of NZ entertainment. Each year over 480 races are run at the Alexandra Park location where visitors benefit from an all-inclusive experience. Many weddings take place at the function centre and there are many international events and conferences that make use of the many different rooms and facilities offered at the function center.

Staff at Alexandra Park

Visitors to the Alexandra Park center will be astounded by the vast well-kept grounds that offer a central race course, training areas, a sports bar and a special member’s only lounge. Just as with the casino no deposit members, the management of Alexandra Park take great pride in the running and maintenance of their club. There are hundreds of staff who tend to the lawns and public areas on a regular basis and there are many waiting staff and maintenance staff that can be seen around the grounds.

Night Trotting at Alexandra Park

Since 1958 Alexandra Park has been the home of night trotting where races are run at night and there are even novelty races to enjoy with real betting options just like at the casino no deposit. The Alexandra Park race grounds have become a center of NZ entertainment thanks to the many different races and functions that are run there.

Alexandra Park Sports Bar

First time visitors to the Auckland Trotting Club are pleasantly surprised by the Sports Bar that is open from 7am until very late every day of the week. The sports bar is made up of a number of areas including private rooms for small functions and an outside area with a view of the race course. The sports bar welcomes bookings of parties and other events any day of the year and it offers a full schedule of events including a fun and riveting weekly quiz night.

Placing Bets at Alexandra Park

At the Alexandra Park racecourse visitors are encouraged to place bets on the different races and this is made easy by detailed descriptions of each type of bet from the Win to the trifecta or even the Quinnella. Staff are strategically placed around the race course and can act as runners taking bets for visitors.

Alexandra Park Members Only

The exclusive member’s club area offers a yearly membership that includes a small bar, comfortable areas to sit and exclusive promotions that the NZ entertainment site may sometimes promote.  The management of the Auckland Trotting Club takes great pride in the running of their site and is willing to hear ideas from their members in order to improve any services that the place has and offer even more.

Streaming of Races from Alexandra Park

For members and visitors who are not able to arrive on time to a race or just not get there at all, there is the option of logging in to the live streaming that is broadcast from Alexandra Park and this gives the fan direct access to each race in real time. He is able to follow his favourite horse all the way through the race.

The Alexandra Park Experience

First time visitors to Alexandra Park are blown away by the vast area that it covers and the efficient running of the whole complex but once the visitor has got used to this he will be able to relax and enjoy the merits of this complex whether he is taking a break in the sports bar, attending a function in one of the function halls or betting and enjoying one of the night races.