Visit to the Dunedin Casino

Playing casino games at the Dunedin Casino is more than just a visit to the casino. Players also receive the benefits of great food at the onsite restaurant, a whole list of casino entertainment and even comfortable rooms at the onsite hotel or other local hotels.

Visitors at the Dunedin Casino receive a whole package that includes a choice of 12 different table games including poker options, baccarat, blackjack and roulette in addition to over 180 electronic casino games. Visiting the website of Dunedin Casino before visiting the onsite casino gives players information on all of the games offered and even some tips on how to play the games.

Games at the Dunedin Casino

The machine casino games include games that take 1c bets, 2c bets, 5c bets, 10 c bets and even up to $1 bets giving players with every type of budget a chance to enjoy these action packed fast paced games. The new player does not receive a casino no deposit offer immediately but loyal players benefit from many special offers and even tournaments that enhance their games and the time they spend at the casino.

Dunedin Casino Promotions

The online website of Dunedin Casino lists a number of special offers and promotions that are readily available at the casino including weekly bonus offers and the many different tournaments that the casino holds together with some casino no deposit offers. The list of casino events is updated on a regular basis at the casino always keeping the player interested and involved at the casino.

The Dunedin Casino offers returning loyal players a chance to enjoy the club casino where they can earn rewards points. Each game that is played rewards the player points and these points many be swapped for real money to use at the casino. 1000 points is the equivalent of $10 to use at the casino. The Club Casino also offers players discounts at the restaurants and even the hotel rooms and parking on site.

The Dunedin Casino Entertainment Centre

The Dunedin Casino is more than just a casino in every way; it should be considered an entertainment centre. A detailed list of events that are planned at the casino can be seen online at the entrance to the casino. The visitor can plan his trip around the different casino entertainment that is advertised.

Visitors who are not familiar with the different games offered can enjoy tutorials online that advise how to play baccarat, blackjack, roulette and the different poker variations that are offered. In addition the casino floor is populated with helpful staff that are available to advice on any and every query that the player may have.

Secure Gaming at Dunedin Casino

The Dunedin Casino is a safe and reliable place to enjoy casino games backed up with security and CCTV on the casino floor. The casino does not accept players under the age of 20 years and in many cases insists on ID from players to make sure they are of the acceptable age.

Some lucky players who enter the different competitions at Dunedin Casino win trips to different places around New Zealand and others win additional money to use at the casino, free meals and sometimes even free parking. Getting to the Dunedin Casino is very easy and with the onsite parking visitors can plan on just staying for the evening or staying the night at the onsite Southern Cross Hotel.

Accessibility to Dunedin Casino

The Dunedin Casino is open every day of the year, including Christmas Day from 11 am to 3am with casino events running all day and every day. A list of the events is provided at the entrance to the casino. A visit to Dunedin Casino is not just a casino visit but an all-round casino entertainment event for each visitor.