A Day at the Ellerslie Racecourse

A visit to the Ellerslie Racecourse is a whole day out and thanks to the standards of the Auckland racing club, there is also a dress code. Visitors to the Ellerslie Racecourse need to look their best and may even be eligible for one of the competitions that contribute to this top class NZ entertainment centre.

Ellerslie Racecourse Like a Casino No Deposit

The Ellerslie Racecourse is a little like a casino no deposit site, visitors get a lot more than what they bargained for. There is a whole events centre where the visitor may enjoy great food drink and entertainment. Many top companies have yearly pass at the Auckland racing club for their corporate hospitality where they entertain top clients and even arrange employee days out.

Getting to the Ellerslie Racecourse

Getting to this centre of NZ entertainment is very easy with a number of direct public transport options. There is a huge car park onsite that compliments the green racecourse area and surroundings. Visitors do not need to worry about parking or getting here, everything has been very well thought out and there is staff on site at every area to help and guide the visitor to where he needs to be.

The Ellerslie Racecourse Calendar

The online calendar details all of the races that are planned and through the online site the visitor is able to buy tickets online for a seasonal pass, food vouchers, a bar tab or even buy a gift certificate and spoil someone with a special day out at the races.

Ellerslie Racecourse Onsite Hotel and Events Centre

The event centre associated with the Ellerslie Racecourse is located onsite and not far from the race course itself. It can hold up to 8000 guests together with the gorgeous onsite 4 star hotel. Hosting a wedding at the Auckland racing club is one of the most prestigious locations in Australia today.

Placing Bets at the Ellerslie Racecourse

Although the Ellerslie Racecourse started as a racecourse it is much more today but still manages to maintain the excellent standards of a top racecourse. Visitors who are interested in placing bets, and anyone who visits should really experience the thrill of watching a horse come in to win, receive help and guidance from the employees. Even before visiting the Auckland racing club the visitor can brush up on his betting options through the guide that is provided online.

Thoroughbreds at the Ellerslie Racecourse

Each race is run with thoroughbreds at the Ellerslie Racecourse ensuring the best quality races for every visitor. There are private circles where parties can be held and there are public areas with high level seating. From every angle the visitor is able to see the races and feel the atmosphere that surrounds the area. Runners are available all over the racecourse giving late comers a chance to bet right up until the start whistle.

Entertainment at the Ellerslie Racecourse

The calendar of races also details the many different shows and club evenings that take place at the Ellerslie Racecourse. The NZ entertainment industry chooses the Auckland racing club for many of its top shows, not just because of its location but also because it is so well run with management that really care about what they are doing and their visitors.

The International Clientele of the Ellerslie Racecourse

Race fans from all over the country and some international horse racing fans are constantly checking the race schedule and making sure they have a day free to go to the races. The women shop for their special outfit and many are interested in taking part in the hat competitions and fashion shows that take place on site. A day at the Ellerslie Racecourse is much more than just a visit to see some horses run.