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There are plenty of ways to make a fortune and playing at the mFortune no deposit mobile casino is probably the easiest, most accessible and most lucrative of them all. Everyone knows the stories about people who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and went from rags to riches but it's hard to find someone who really made their fortune in that manner. That's because there aren't too many ways for a person to create a fortune out of nothing.

When you play at the mFortune casino you'll have your chance to turn pennies into dollars as you play on your mobile device. That's because mFortune offers high quality games with real money payouts plus cash bonuses on your wins. That means that, as you gamble on your mobile device, you'll be able to multiply your regular game wins with bonus cash, credits, points and free spins. And hopefully, you'll end up going home with your fortune and enjoying every minute of the process.

Rags to Riches

There are many stories about individuals who became millionaires – even billionaires – through hard work, careful savings and investments and wise planning. Actor Jim Carrey used to live in a VW camper van and in tents while Canadian Coffee King spent his 20s living on the streets. Billionaire Roman Abramovich used to sell plastic ducts from his apartment before he grew into the oil and aluminum tycoon that he is today. Suze Orman, who is today one of the world's most respected financial advisors, lived out of her van when she was young due to bad financial decisions and everyone knows the story of J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, who was so poor that she wrote on napkins because she couldn't afford to buy notebooks.

New Zealand has more than its fair share of self-made millionaire/billionaire stories, perhaps because, as a relatively young country, people find it easier to be inventive and show initiative. Kiwi gamblers find a user-friendly environment for playing at the New Zealand online casino where they can play their favourite games as they win real money prizes.


mFortune is an award-winning online casino that launched in 2007 with some of New Zealand's top casino games, big casino no deposit bonuses, easy ebanking and a wide array of additional gambling amenities. The UK Gambling Commission licenses mFortune which gives mFortune gamers the security of knowing that they're playing at a regulated casino venue which provides secure oversight on all aspects of the gambling entertainment.

mFortune places the player at the forefront of the business venture with full customer support, multiple platform access and unique games. mFortune games are built in-house by their team of developers so that gamers enjoy unique, original games that can't be found anywhere else.

In addition to the traditional bingo and blackjack, mFortune offers popular table games including Texas Hold 'Em Poker and European roulette.

At mFortune the slots room is one of the busiest locations at the casino. Players have their choice of old fashioned fruit machines or exciting five reel video pokies that span the spectrum of fantasies and interests. Some of the mFortune's most exciting pokies options are the Sherlock Murdered or Dead slots for mystery fans, Buster Safe and Cat and Mouse for animal lovers and whimsical slot machines such as Bake Me a Winner, Vegas Vegas, Which Witch, Snakes and Ladders and Gold Blast.

Mobile Phone Casino

mFortune is a mobile phone casino which makes it easy for NZ players to make their deposits and withdraw their winnings in New Zealand dollars through their mobile phone bill. At mFortune there are no wagering requirements. This means that you can play at any time and from any location on your PC or mobile device in the casino's Free Mode for free. If you want to move to the Real Mode and play for real money prizes you can do so at any time.

Facilitating ebanking transactions via a phone bill is one of the easiest and safest ways to deposit money and withdraw winnings. The 'deposit by phone bill' option allows you to make deposits by charging the deposit to your phone bill. In this way you access instant credit with no worries. You don't have to link your bank account or credit card to your casino account. Through your phone bill the indicated deposit will be instantly transferred to your mFortune account. Everyone can enjoy all of no deposit mobile casino games and the no deposit online mobile casino bonus give-aways through their mobile phone account.

Bonus Packages

The mFortune bonus packages offer you more no deposit, real money gambling entertainment in which you play for free and collect the winning payouts.

Upon sign-up you'll get $5 in free casino cash which you must use within your first week of casino membership. You can use this $5 on any of your favourite casino games including the table games, card games, lotteries and pokies. In addition to the $5 free cash sign-up bonus you'll also receive a 100% first deposit match as a gift from the casino to you.

All gamers are gifted with a10% deposit bonus on mFortune gambling activities. As soon as a player signs up, his account will be automatically credited with a 10% deposit match promotion which is applicable to all of his gaming events throughout his mFortune career.

Friend referrals bring you another $5 in free casino credits to be used on any of your favourite games.

The Reward Points and VIP Loyalty programme give you more chances to collect gifts. As you play you'll accumulate Loyalty points. The Points that you receive are based on the number of games that you play, the types of games that you play and the amount of your deposits. You can redeem your points for cashback deals and other lucrative give-aways. VIP Benefits include Bigger Bonuses, Exclusive VIP Hospitality Events and Limited Edition Gifts.


In addition to the phone bill payment plan mFortune accepts card deposits via Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Electron, Maestro and Switch. You can also make your deposits through Skrill, PayPal and PaySafe Card.

Mobile games in NZ can enjoy a fun-filled, rewarding gambling experience at the mFortune no deposit mobile casino.

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