i-Debit Payment Method

One of the biggest questions that concerns online casino players relates to the questions surrounding their casino banking needs. There are multiple ways to take care of withdrawals and deposits and each player has his or her own needs and preferences.

So how do you play for real money and what's the easiest and most efficient way to do so? For many gamers, the preferred way to facilitate casino transactions involves the i-Debit payment method. When you do your banking via i-Debit you can rely on the digital bank's safe and secure methods of depositing your wagers and withdrawing your winnings for your personal use.

About i-Debit

iDebit offers secure online banking so that you can make payments and withdraw funds online. Your i-Debit card is linked to your regular New Zealand bank account so you can conduct your ebanking activities with the casino and other online merchants safely. Once you open a free i-Debit account you can log you’re your bank with your online banking username and password and facilitate your transactions at your leisure.

Casino Banking

The New Zealand online casino supports numerous payment options which you can use to make your online casino deposits and withdraw your payouts. These include echecks, ewallets, evouchers, Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards and banking services that facilitate transfers of funds by wire or direct transfer to and from your online casino bank.

iDebit offers a service that lets you make your casino payments with funds directly from your own NZ bank account. iDebit connects directly to your regular account so you can easily monitor your casino activities through your one central bank account. There's no need to set up another account or fund cards with cash at vendors' stations. You just make your decision about the amount that you want to add to your casino account and notify the casino – the casino will access the money through your casino-linked iDebit payment method.

Easy Linking

The casino makes it easy to play your games for real money using the iDebit payment method. This includes both the regular casino games and the games that you play via the casino no deposit bonus promotions.

First, open an iDebit account and link it to your NZ bank account. Follow your bank's procedure for linking your account with an ebanking institution. Then, create your casino account. Navigate to the banking page and Indicate "iDebit" as your banking method of choice.

Now load your casino account. You only need to indicate "iDebit" as your ebank of choice once – after that the casino will automatically withdraw all of your deposits from iDebit and will deposit your winnings back into your iDebit account.

Once your payouts have been moved to your iDebit account you can have them deposited in your NZ bank account or use them for any online or offline purchases at any of the iDebit-supporting vendors wo are located around the world.

If you decide to switch your casino banking method, simply notify the casino via the support line and the casino will facilitate the transfer.

Benefits of iDebit

There are multiple benefits to using iDebit as your casino banking method.


iDebit assures you that your payments will be completed in a timely and efficient manner using the highest level of banking technology and security measures to ensure that your funds are safe and your personal information remains private. Some of the safety measures that idebit takes include:

If you're looking for an efficient and trustworthy online banking system for your New Zealand real money casino entertainment, link your account to the i-Debit Payment Method.